Video Marketing For Lawyers Who Want Results

Every law firm needs an online marketing plan. With video becoming more widely consumed each year, the right video marketing campaign should be a top priority in your law firm marketing strategy.

Regardless of your practice area, video marketing can help you bring in new clients and increase your reach in all of your market areas. This is because video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach people. Business owners who use video as a part of their digital marketing strategy reported a 72% increase in conversions.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Over 85% of companies in the United States utilize video content and are seeing profitable results. If you aren't using video marketing as a part of your overall digital marketing strategy, you can bet your competition is.


For a good reason too. The benefits of video content are both unique and plentiful. Unlike other aspects of online marketing strategies, videos can help law firms with search engine traffic, social media presence, and offline mediums such as television. 

Benefits of video marketing for attorneys include:

  • Attorneys can create content personalized around potential clients and their needs
  • Google and other search engines reward brands that produce quality video content
  • Websites with video convert at a higher rate than sites with only text and images

A Challenge for Law Firms

Attorneys have traditionally used written content to reach people through search engine marketing. Video, however, has remained an issue as producing effective and high-quality videos can often be a monumental challenge.

Law firms that don't work with experienced video marketing professionals run the risk of producing a video that looks cheap and misses the mark in terms of the target audience. This can damage an attorneys brand in the long run.

Working with a company experienced in both video production and the finer nuances of the legal industry can solve these problems. By creating quality video content, your team will be positioned as experts who can be trusted to deliver. 

Whether you are a veteran product liability defense attorney, or an up and coming personal injury plaintiff lawyer, you can benefit from video marketing. A recent survey found that in the United States, over 85% of internet users consume video content each month. More importantly, 72% of those people prefer video over text content. 

Producing quality video content can be a challenge for law firms. But, with an experienced video production company such as LGW mediaworks, it can be accomplished with minimal stress. It all starts with a plan that highlights the best aspects of your firm.

Let's look at some of the elements involved in Creating a Video Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm in our next section below.

Creating a Video Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm

The LGW mediaworks team has years of experience working with firms just like yours and can help you through the entire video production process. Our team will consider various factors, including your law firm, practice area, and potential clients, to ensure focus, clarity, and consistency throughout each video. 

From there, it's a matter of planning out the production process and ensuring everything is finalized for the shoot. The more effort that is spent in the pre-production process, the better your legal video will turn out.

Your Clients

The process starts with figuring out who your exact clients are and where they can be found. Legal marketing is unique in that people usually don't impulse buy legal services from an attorney.

Your message needs to resonate with potential clients at the moment they need your law firm's services.

Are you a DWI attorney who works with a lot of young people likely to be on Youtube video? Maybe you specialize in estate planning, and your audience primarily consumes local news. LGW mediaworks will work with you to truly understand where your clients are and create a video that maximizes the impact of your law firm marketing strategy.

Your Content

Video marketing for lawyers is different from what would go into video marketing for other types of professional service providers. For starters, you are working with clients who are often in a wrong position or who are experiencing extremely challenging circumstances. They are charged with a crime, fighting for an insurance claim, in the process of bankruptcy, or similar situations. Your clients are turning to you for guidance through what is potentially one of the most challenging moments in their lives.

Video marketing provides you with the opportunity to make a powerful first impression. You can demonstrate your expertise in your practice area and confidence in your ability to represent a client. With video, you can sell yourself to thousands, and potentially millions, of people before they even step through the door of your law firm.

To do this, LGW mediaworks will work with you and make sure the content of your law firm marketing video hit's the mark. The content of your video will portray your law firm in the best way possible to increase visitors to your website or law firm's office and an increase in conversions from viewers to customers.

Your Legal Marketing Plan

You probably already have an idea as to where you want to run your video. This might include Facebook, Youtube videos, other social media platforms, or your website. LGW mediaworks can create video perfect for anywhere you feel your target audience will see it. 

With years of experience creating video for lawyers, our team will help you to understand how to maximize the impact of your video. This includes increasing your videos potential to attract visitors who click through to your website or call your office. Because video has such a high rate of conversion, the right plan can yield your law firm incredible results.

Testimonial from Deutsch Kerrigan

Thank you to Deutsch Kerrigan for allowing us to share their experience of working with LGW mediaworks.

Putting Video to Use for Your Law Firm

For lawyers, breaking through the noise to establish trust with potential clients is challenging. Establishing your law firm as an authority that people can trust is imperative for growing your client base.

Video can help your law practice build a connection and instill confidence that those interested in your service are making the right decision by hiring you to represent them.

Using video can help you to establish a presence on new media from Facebook to Youtube, giving visitors validation that you are the lawyer to help them win their case.